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Modern Art

The main sections in this collection are paintings, graphics and drawings. All of them represent the most typical present day Kraków's art trends. Some of them were created in the 1980's and 1990's. Artists gave almost all works from the last quarter of the century to the museum after the exhibitions that usually took place in the Town Hall Tower and the Hipolits' tenement. The authors of these works are the most famous of Kraków's artists, usually professors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.

The after coloured trend is represented by works of: Jan Szancenbach, Hanna Rudzka-Cybisowa, Stanislaw Batruch, Zbyslaw Maciejewski, Pawel Taranczewski, Ewa Kutermak-Madej and Leszek Misiak.
The metaphoric trend by works of: Danuta Leszczynska-Kluza, Janina Kraupe-Swiderska, Danuta Urbanowicz, Joanna Jakowlew Stozek, Leszek Dutko, Krzysztof Kiwerski, Romuald Oramus, Allan Rzepka, Joann Kaiser and Iwona Siwek-Front.
In the collection of modern art there are graphics and drawings of Jacek Sroka, Andrzej Folfas and Henryk Ozoga. They all represent the Kraków's version of new expressionism with the poetic metaphor of hidden moralization. From the turn of the 1980's and 1990's, the collection contains works of Barbara Skapska, Stanislaw Sobolewski, Marian Siwek, Piotr Schneider and Roman Zygulski. Their paintings, graphics and drawings show the episodes from the state of war and the turning period of 1989. Moreover, they show changes in citizen's everyday life after the changes and the new political system.
Very important place in Kraków's art has trend of geometrical and after geometrical abstraction. In the museum we have a few works of the most distinguished artists of this type of art in Kraków. These are works of Janusz Orbitowski, Jan Pamula, Adam Wsiolkowski, Teresa Bujnowska, Tamar Berdowska and Lukasz Konieczka. They all wanted to go outside the area specified by geometrical abstraction. They were looking for their own language and individual form of narration. The stances of these artists express the characteristic for our time lack of trust to the previous general philosophical and aesthetic systems. It was caused by belief that all these systems give the false vision of complicated and never indistinguishable reality. Their art is the point of expressing the ideas related to the meaning of time, space, duration, infinite human and nature creativeness possibilities.
In addition to works from the most current years, we also own paintings and graphics of Kraków's Group members from years 1948 - 1992. The authors are: Erna Rosenstein, Jadwiga Maziarska, Jonasz Stern, Jadwiga Uminska, Teresa Rudowicz, Danuta i Witold Urbanowiczowie, Janina Kraupe-Swiderska, Danuta Leszczynska-Kluza, Karol Pustelnik, Marian Warzecha, Jerzy Wronski, Wojciech Krakówski, Joanna Przybyla. In this collection the most notable is the series of 26 paintings of Danuta Leszczynska-Kluza titled "Events", painted in 1971. The Kraków's Group artists' works shows related to the art individuals formal trends from the after war period and later years.
The collection of modern art in The Historical Museum of the City of Kraków is growing all the time. It contains works of the most distinguished of Kraków's artists, whose works got into the Polish canon of art and their works are much appreciated abroad.
The general rule of the establishment of this collection was to document the achievements of Kraków's art in possibly the widest range of trends and vogues. During the years and new exhibitions, the collection is becoming bigger and more representative for the city's art. Taking the subjects for the considerations, the collection is very variegated. It is related to the Kraków's history (i.e. works of Stanislaw Sobolewski, Marian Siwek, Barbar Skapska) but it doesn't forget about the regular problems of the present day. Formally, it represents eclectic trends in modern art, impinging on the Kraków's and Polish art.
In 2007 and at the beginning of 2008, we have extended a collection of sculptures. Thanks to buys, deposits and gifts our we could present works of art of i.a. Józef Marek, Stefan Dousa, Krzysztof Kędzierski, Roman Kurzawski, Bronisław Chromy, Małgorzata Olkuska, Czesław Dźwigaj, Aleksandra Domańska-Bortowska, Jerzy and Krystyna Nowakowski. The exhibition Kraków's Art after year 1945 was a perfect chance to see museum's collection of modern art.