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Untrampled Memory: My Commemoration of the Krakow Ghetto

We invite you to the exhibition presenting photographs taken by the students of the Adam Mickiewicz Secondary School No 6 and the Zenon Klemensiewicz Media and Printing School Complex.

On the subsequent October Fridays, the participants worked on the premises of the former ghetto. Under the guidance of experts, they learnt not only the basics of documentary photography but also the history of the ghetto. They discovered the Second World War traces that had been unknown and unintelligible to them to immortalize them in their photographs and their memory. Did the workshop help them to learn the history of this part of Krakow? Did it help to go through the subject of memory and produce the idea of what they wanted to say through photography? Did the participants manage to tell the story of this place through images? Is it possible at all?
Everyone can discover it for himself/herself by visiting the exhibition which will be on from 6 December 2023.
The exhibition Untrampled Memory: My Commemoration of the Krakow Ghetto has been prepared under the guidance of the photographer Małgorzata Fatalska.
Oscar Schindler Factory, Lipowa 4, main hall, ground floor. Free admission.

The workshop and exhibition were organised as part of the project Remember With Us 2023 co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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