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Museum of Kraków's strategy

The Museum is carrying on implementing the Strategy adopted for 2017-2021. 
The document defines the Museum’s vision and mission as well as its values and principles:

Visions of the Kraków Museum

In 2030, we are the Museum of Kraków that is competent, embraces and respects all aspects of the city's heritage and welcomes challenges of the world of today.
With its multi-departmental structure, the museum is an institution that is well managed and organized in a modern way. We actively contribute to shaping the community if the metropolitan area. We set new trends and are the leader among polish museums, a significant museum across Europe and a recognizable museum globally - the place of meetings and dialogue wit the history and contemporary time. 

Mission statement of the Museum of Kraków
We describe, document and tell the story of Kraków. We listen do the city...