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Szanowni Państwo, w związku z obecną sytuacją epidemiczną, wszystkie oddziały Muzeum Krakowa będą nieczynne w dniach 7 listopada 2020 - 31 stycznia 2021. Zapraszamy niebawem!
Strona korzysta z ciasteczek!

Magister Tadeusz Pankiewicz. A Biography

The intention is to introduce the readers to the story of man who, by a coincidence and one very hazardous decision, rose to become a hero.

By staying in the ghetto and helping its residents, Tadeusz Pankiewicz contravened the generally accepted rules and behaved as if he had lost his sense of self-preservation. "We were not heroes", hemaintained. "It was just our bounden duty." This is enough of a reason to become interested in that remarkable individual.

Table of Contents:

Family home and environment
Life in pre-war Krakow
War period, work and life in the ghetto
Polish pharmacy during the war
Apteka Pod Orłem before the creation of the ghetto
The Eagle Pharmacy in the Kraków ghetto - the background of the decision to stay in the ghetto
The functioning of the pharmacy in the ghetto
The Eagle Pharmacy as an extraterritorial institution
Operation of the Pod Orłem pharmacy after the liquidation of the ghetto
Memories - Pharmacy in the Krakow ghetto
Pankiewicz as a witness at post-war trials
Pankiewicz and his pharmacy after the war
Pankiewicz in the files of the secret police
Candidate development
Eliminating from an agent network
Memory restoration period
The activities of Pankiewicz and his pharmacy in the ghetto from today's perspective